April 27, 2009

Up to $240K/ First Time Home Buyer with Vision

Buyer Listing#: CM007-0427-HS
Created: April 27th, 2009
Price Range: Up to $240,000
Property Type: Single Family / Condo
Square Footage: As much as is available
Location: Bellingham

Additional Needs:
First time home buyer looking to enjoy the American Dream through a home with yard for the dog, white picket fence optional.  Fixers okay, but tool belts only please, no dump truck requirements.  And we've got vision, so if it's got funky bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen that saw Eisenhower in the Oval Office, we could be interested.

Note: BuyerTours Realty does enter into a limited commission agreement with unrepresented sellers where BuyerTours represents the buyer.

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If you have an unlisted property which fits this buyer's qualification please contact the buyer agent direct to schedule a preview of property and prospective showing of property.

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