Feb. 11, 2012

Virtual Real Estate Office - What's in it for you?

This is a typical office setting at eXp Realty.  In this screen capture you can see that there are brokers from 16 states, 3 internal technology team members from Working The Magic, 3 transaction coordinators and Business Fitness Coach - Pam Ostrowski attending our regular Wednesday morning Leadership meeting hosted by eXp's CEO Glenn Sanford.  We can effectively collaborate on ideas and systems together from all over the world...without the travel expenses.


Here are a few reasons why Brokers are joining eXp Realty.


  • As a Agent Broker, wouldn't you want to be able join the meetings and training classes from your living room, coffee shop or beach?  Our virtual office is a game changer by giving team members the flexibility to meet on their terms.  We currently have over 20 classes being facilitated by Brokers and Agents from all over the country.
  • We don't just think "outside the box"...we got rid of it.


  • Having come from a bricks and mortar office, I know that Agents are reluctant to share marketing expertise because every agent is his/her direct competition.  In our office, we have agents stepping up and sharing their "secret sauce" for lead generation and such.


  • Having 3 full time technology geeks on staff certainly has it's benefits.
  • eXp Realty helps develop and host a website for every agent.  Not the normal company template  site either.  Check out a few of them: Washington Waterfront Homes and Katharine Carey


  • Offers an aggressive 80/20 split in favor of the agent with a 16k cap.
  • Minimal fees
  • Make an apples to apples comparison with our Expense Calculator


  • eXp Realty has the best Revenue Share program in the industry.  By helping the company grow you can earn an ongoing Revenue Share that can secure your retirement.



Here are a few bullet points to point out the benefits for you to use an eXp Realty Broker.


  • Agents that understand and utilize technology can get you the information you need quicker.
  • eXp Realty Agents utilize paperless systems to keep focused and on track.


  • By utilizing our Virtual environment it reduces each agents carbon footprint by reducing trips to the office.  See our Sustainability Promise.
  • Minimal paper use and reduced bricks and mortar qualifies us as a Green Company.


  • eXp Realty was built by Top Agents to support and train Top Agents.
  • Bottom line is eXp Realty agents are on top of their game.


I would enjoy the opportunity to show you our office or a home anytime.  Give me a call or schedule a meeting with me below.  Cheers!

Dale A. Kreiser
Washington State Broker
EXP Realty LLC
425.463.4284 fax

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