Jan. 1, 2010

What's Your New Year's Resolution??

Well here we are, 2009 is behind us and 2010 lies before us.  Another year is set to begin and of course, with a New Year come New Resolutions. We know the usual suspects; resolving to start an exercise regimen, stop smoking,  lose a few extra pounds,  eat healthier, be a better person, give up Starbucks.  Huh???
....... in essence resolve to do those things that we have been putting off.  If 2009 taught us anything, hopefully it taught us t
hat Americans are still very Resilient and that we are open to Change. Why not make 2010  your year of CHANGE.      Instead of just dreaming about that house you drive by everyday, make it a reality.   Here's your chance to keep that resolution this year.
You know you have been working hard and saving towards that down payment.  You pay your bills on time to keep your credit clean and oh, the U.S. government has re-committed to lend a helping hand by extending the
Tax Credit to April 30, 2010.  This is for 1st time home buyers and current home owners wanting to upgrade.  The Interest Rates are still at all time lows.  You would be crazy to not buy now.  Take advantage of this  buyer's market.

They say the hardest part of starting anything new is taking that first step.  Take that first step by calling me to discuss your dreams and goals and I will be here to walk with you through the entire process. Real Estate Process 101.  It's really that easy.  You call me and tell me about the house you've been driving by or have viewed on our web site, www.realestate.bellingham.net and that you would like to take a look.  What, you've  talked to your lender and are pre-qualified?   You really are wanting this, aren't you?   If not, I  recommend that you do this and if you do not have a lender, I can refer you to one. Another thing to consider, buying a home will actually help you keep those other resolutions.  If you are considering a home with a yard, you will have to mow the lawn, plant a garden, clean the house, run around the yard with your dog or children so this meets the exercise regimen you wanted to start and with exercise will come the weight loss. You'll most likely want to eat at home more since you're now growing your own food in your own garden and you  have a new kitchen to cook in with all those new Stainless Appliances, thus you'll be eating healthier.  Once you are in your new home, your very own, the "better person" comes from being immensely happy and fulfilled and having met your goal. or rather a few of them!

You have NO EXCUSES now to not procrastinate on this resolution and especially if you want that piece of the American Dream.  You've worked hard and YOU DESERVE IT!    Don't let another year go by, paying rent, waiting and wanting and dreaming. Remember, dreams can come true, it's up to you.

Just repeat to yourself

"I am going to become a homeowner this year"!
"I am going to buy that house I love"!
"I am going to buy a house this year"!

Imagine how good you'll feel about keeping this resolution.

Feel free to call me at 360-303-3898 for any questions you might have regarding real estate or if you want to take a look at that dream home of yours.  You can also email me at roberta.soares@exprealty.comI look forward to making your dreams a REALITY.

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